Bootcode mismatch with Liggy's firmwares for iHAS124W


I have an iHAS124W that I just got, and I tried to flash it with Liggy’s RPC1-modified HL0F firmware, however I’m getting the following error when I try to do that:

lt-moto-mac:Downloads moto$ ./necflash -flash -v -s hl0f/hl0f_rpc1.bin A:
Binflash - NEC version - © by Liggy and Herrie

Identified drive: 239 - 3038
Detected drive from Firmware: 239 - 3039

The firmware file expects a different bootcode on your drive. You are not allowed to continue.
Firmware is for a different drive
Drive: 0x3038 - File: moto$

From some looking around, it sounds like some drives can be safely flashed with firmware that doesn’t match their bootcodes, so I’m wondering whether this is one of them. In case it matters, here’s what I get for a scan of the drive:

lt-moto-mac:Downloads moto$ ./necflash -scan -s
Binflash - NEC version - © by Liggy and Herrie

List of supported devices:

Device : A:
Vendor : ATAPI
Model : iHAS124 W
Firmware : HL04
lt-moto-mac:Downloads moto$

So, can anybody help me figure out how I would figure out whether I can still use Liggy’s modified firmware with this drive and, if I can, how I’d go about doing that?



I have iHAS124W and Liggy’s firmware worked for me. I have however flashed the latest unmodified firmware (HL0G) as I can live with RPC-2.


The different bootcode could indicate that the hardware is (at least slightly) different and potentially you could damage your drive when using the wrong firmware. Do you know the manufacturing date of your drive?

However if I didn’t mix up things, drivetype 239 - 3039 should indicate an iHAS324W drive. So you could try to use one of these firmwares instead. No guarantee that this will not break anything though. And make sure to backup your original firmware first.


Yep, it’s January of 2013. I also backed up my firmware before I even attempted flashing anything, so I’m already good there.

I’ll try the iHAS324W firmware and see how that goes.