Bootable winXP cd bad files?

Ive made a bootable winXp sp1 cd by using a windows 98
utilities boot floppy and Nero. Booting and reading the disk
works fine. But for some reason some i386 file names dont
display properly. For example, If I expore the CD in windows
I can see the file ‘sv-262e1.png’. But when booted from the CD
this file shows as sv_262e1.png! Is there some incompatability
between how Dos7 treats filenames and how WinXp treats

You cant use a Windows 98 floppy to boot a WindowsXP CD.

Do a search, must be a +1000 sites now on howto do a Win 2000/XP bootable CD

If you use the original win 2000 or winxp boot loader, well and
good. But I want to boot into a command prompt so I can
run ghost, fdisk, format, etc. Sure I could have a windows
install cd and a utils cd, but I was hoping to combine them.

If thats what you want to do, thats fine, but I just misunderstood what you were trying to do, sorry. Thought you wanted to make a Windows XP install CD using a Windows 98 floppy image.

Yes you can make such a CD you are after, did one myself a while ago, made it as a multiboot CD.

Did you include Joliet on the disk, could be why your file names were stuffed, Windows 2000/XP don’t use Joliet on their CD’s, ISO9660 only with relaxed restrictions, as in longer than 8 letters allowed.

hi have a look here;en-us;q310994
good luck