Bootable Windows XP

Hi there, Kevin here

I have just purchased a new copy of Windows XP pro from microsoft and i have made a backup copy for myself, in case the purchased one get scratch or something.

I do not have nay problems creating a new copy of dat win xp pro. the problem is, after i have copied, the duplicate copy of XP pro is nt a bootable one. I have already changed my BIOS setting to boot CD-ROM as 1st boot device and still it didn’t work.

I have tried the following burning softwares to burn:

Nero v6.3.1.6 (Demo and full)
clone CD v4.3.2.2 (Demo and Full)
Roxio Easy CD Creator 5

up till now, the duplicate copy of xp pro is still not a bootable one.

i realli hope u guys can help mi bout this.

thanks a million.

Hope this helps

And your original WinXP disc is bootable? (if not, there’s something wrong with the setup and not with the copy)

Yes, my purchased WIndows XP from Microsoft is bootable. I can be 100% sure of dat.

Apparently, my previous post didn’t help :wink: Well, let me be more specific.

This page explains how to extract *.img file from your original CD - you’ll need this file in order to make the CD bootable. This page supplies you with instructions on how to burn a bootable CD with Nero/Roxio.

I really don’t think it’s neccessary to copy the whole article here. Good luck.