Bootable Recovery CD for Toshiba Vista Laptop?

This is the recovery from h*ll!

I’ve got one of these Toshiba S215 series Vista laptops and I do not have the factory recovery DVDs. It turns out Toshiba is pretty bad about it with this laptop and some owner has actually posted a copy of the recovery DVDs for download on one of the torrents. The problem is they were not posted as bootable image files :frowning: Instead I just have the actual files/folder for the two DVDs.

According to Toshiba, the recovery environment is “Windows 98”. However, I’m not sure. I tried booting from a 98 bootable CD with CD support and was not able to execute anything from these CDs. Any idea what this might be or how I could “make” this DVD bootable so I can get this recovery going? Here are some of the files/folders that look like they might hint as to what the factory boot sector was.

On DVD 1

I have a folder called “BOOT”. Inside BCD, Boot.sdi, and etfsboot

In the root of DVD 1 I have a file called BOOTMGR

I’m assuming after all my tests that this thing is supposed to be a Vista bootable CD but I’m not sure and I do not really know how to create a bootable Vista CD from this . Thanks so much for any help!

Well. I don’t own a Toshiba but I do own a few laptops from other manufacturers and they all come with some sort of recovery option. I could be a CD/DVD, it could be a recovery partitition on your hard drive, or there could be something in the documentation that shows you how to make a recovery disk. I don’t know what windows 98 has to do with your laptop. That sounds suspect. My only suggestion is to double check your documentation, revisit the Toshiba site and do some searching. Maybe someone here has a Toshiba and can provide more information. Beware of what you download from torrents.