Bootable memtest cd

how do i make one?

step by step with links please.

thanks in advance.


It’s easy. Just go to the link here. There are instructions.

I suggest the free Memtest86+.

A bootable ISO can be downloaded from the Memtest86+ site.

i like the + version better, download memtest86+v1.70 and use imgburn to burn the ISO (quite easy to use)

It’s free to download. You only pay if you want a pre-made disc.

Yes I discovered that. :slight_smile:

I take that back. :doh:

The unpacked ISO image seems to be strange and possibly not a proper ISO image at all? :confused:

UltraISO refuses to open the ISO images, IsoBuster cannot find a bootable track inside the ISO image, and VMware cannot boot from the ISO image.

EDIT: The problem is with the Zip and Gz files which are not properly formatted, and only some Zip utilities will unpack the archive correctly. :doh:

If you get a 1200 kb ISO file, then the unpacking went well. If you get a 44 kb ISO file, then the unpacking didn’t work correctly.

The much older Memtest86+ 1.26 is working fine for me, and the Memtest86 3.3 (no plus) is also working.

i thought it always been like that , yeah the ISO is not in a standard format however it can still be burned without issues and work too

boots perfectly here (using the latest 6.0.0 build 45731) , maybe your download got currupted or your using an old vmware version that have issues

I edited my post above.

It’s a problem with unpacking the Zip (or Gz) files where the ISO isn’t extracted correctly with some (most) unpacking utilities, including PowerArchiver 2004, WinRAR 3.60 and Windows XP built-in Zip handling. It’s possible to get the right ISO file unpacked with 7-zip if you do it the right way.

In other words, the ZIP and GZ archives are not in a standard format.

i can’t get this to work.

is there a way to burn it with nero with proper links and how to do it?

thanks alot.

next time something doesnt work [U]be[/U] more specific,just saying it doesnt work isnt very helpfull, see if you would have say what exactly you did then maybe i could tell ya what you did wrong

use [B]7-Zip[/B] or latest [B]winrar[/B] to extract the archive (memtest86± , run imgburn and click the icon then select the ISO file , if you have more then one burner you can choose which one to use under “destination” , DO NOT check the “test mode” box , insert a blank cd and click the play button… , memtest is not a windows app , youll need to restart and enter the bios and then set the boot device priority right in order to boot from it

i extracted it with winrar 3.70 and it went well

thx people i got this working.

i used nero 6.6 btw.


I didn’t do anything “wrong” - the Zip and Gz archive files are in a non-standard format (I’d say they’re faulty, but I’m not going to try to prove that).

This is with the memtest86± file:

The built-in Zip handling in Windows XP says: The compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted.

PowerArchiver 2004 shows the archive to contain an ISO file that is only 45,029 bytes long (it should be 1,200 kbytes) and when extracted, this file does not work as a bootable ISO image - explaining how to prove this is pointless, since the extracted file is corrupted or incomplete.

WinRAR 3.60 also shows the archive to contain an ISO that is only 45,029 bytes long (it should be 1,200 kbytes) and when extracted, this file does not work as a bootable ISO image.

7-zip 4.42 shows the archive to contain something (not a folder) named [Content] and the something contains a 1,200 kbyte ISO file that can be extracted to an ISO image and which works. If you just use the 7-zip explorer menu to Extract here (instead of opening the 7-zip application), then a file named [Content] is extracted instead of the ISO file.

So these Zip/Gz files are in invalid or at least non-standard format, and that is the reason I changed my mind about recommending Memtest86+ , even though it’s possible to get it to work if you bypass the invalid archive format using the right tools and methods.

EDIT: Nevermind! easterbunny’s question wasn’t directed at me.

sorry if i wasnt clear , but that was aimed at the OP (dennis585)
i thought its obvious considering…

Not obvious enough since you only quoted my post in your post! :o :flower:

whats that got do with it? i wrote “i extracted it with winrar 3.70 and it went well” under that quote , so cant understand why you thought anything above that quote was aimed at you

now lets go back there,first the OP

>>here he said he couldnt get it to work yet havnt provided any details on what he did

then in my post

>>>i told him to be more specific next time something doesnt work cuz it will be easier to solve the issue that way

looks clear enough to me :smiley:

Has anybody managed to get a usable image from the gzip archive?
The .zip works fine for me. Extracting the .gz with gunzip produces a
44948 byte file. Extracting the .zip with unzip produces a 1228800 byte
file :confused:

You might also want to try Windows MemTest

It runs within Windows and is as good as memtest86+