Bootable Mac Cd

Is there anything special you have to do in Nero so it burns a bootable ISO image properly so my Mac will boot the CD? If not than I guess its corrupted or not bootable. But its an OS 9.1 installation ISO which is supposed to be bootable.

It should just burn the image file straight onto the CD. Are you sure your Mac supports booting from a 9.1 CD? AFAIK, Macs can use OSes that are newer, but don’t support booting from an older OS because of missing drivers. What Mac do you have?

I have an IMac PowerPC G3. I jus plan to use it to play old Mac games. It already had OS 9 on it and since I posted this I found you could DL the 9x os updates for free so I did that instead. I think I So I don’t need the 9.1 ISO image anymore.