Bootable Incd/DirectCD/CDMRW

I’m curious to know if its possible to create a bootable, packet-writable cd. Does anyone have any references on the net instructing or informing to this end? My strategy would be to create an iso image of a packet-writable CD, and manually inject boot information pursuant to El Torito. I’m still having trouble successfully copying a DirectCD either directly to a cd on-the-fly or from unmodified image to cd. Any suggestions?

My knowledge so far of this is as follows:

  • A bootable cd containing both an iso and a udf filesystem is
  • Neither DirectCD nor InCd will write to such a cd
  • Neither DirectCD nor InCd provide any explicit support for a
    bootable CD
  • Mount Rainier offers tacit support for a bootable CD. As far as
    I know this means the specification provides some space for an iso
    boot image, a boot catalog, and does not invade the 17th sector.
  • After a quick look at sector 17 of a DirectCD cd and an InCD
    I’ve gathered the following: DirectCD leaves the 17th pretty much wide
    open, while InCD does not, and identifies the sector as belonging to
    an InCD cd. On a bootable cd, sector 17 contains an absolute reference to the boot catalog, which in turn points to a boot image.
  • Some Dos drivers exist to read udf
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