Bootable DVD using DVD+RW

Greetings all!

I am trying like crazy to make a bootable DVD with no luck. I have made many bootable CD’s in the past, but my ghost image is now too big to fit on a CD.

I’m using +RW media until I get this worked out, then I’m going to use +R.

I have three ghost images - a 2gb, a 100mb, and another 100mb, so my entire DVD ends up being about 2.3gb.

I always use Nero (5.5.90) with no problems when I make CD’s, but my bootalbe DVD isn’t working.

Are there any bootable DVD experts around today? If so, please help me out cuz I’m going crazy trying to figure out what is so different about a bootable DVD vs. a bootable CD.

I’m using a DOS boot floppy to make the bootable CD’s and haven’t changed it to make bootable DVD’s.



Ik zou als ik jou was eens een kijkje nemen bij powerquest, drive image doet wat ghost doet, maar je kan simpelweg je image splitsen als je die groter is als 700 MB in opeen volgende cd’s :slight_smile:

Sorry, i was replying in dutch :frowning:
The trick is simple, avoid having to use dvd’s by getting powerquest’s drive image 2002, this will let you split your image file to the size of the cd’s you want to use !!!


Thanks for the translation. The Dutch was very close to the English anyway, and I was able to see your recommendation of changing from DVD to CD and using PQDI to split the images.

Both PQDI and Ghost will split images, and your suggestion would work well – but I have to use DVD (one disc vs. 3, or 4, or 5).

At this point in my project, I am able to get +R media to work.

Why +RW media didn’t work is a mystery which I will solve later.

Using +R media is unfortunate, because I will have to make a half dozen +R test discs before I get my perfect DVD. But at a few dollars a disc, this is a small price to pay for being able to move forward on the project.

I am still using Nero, an HP DVD200e (firewire), and a WinME DOS boot floopy.


Has there been any further progress on this? I would love to be able to make bootable DOS DVD+RW’s so that I can put firmware flash programs on it and just boot from the DVD+RW and run the dos programs. The DVD+RW is essential so that I can copy and recopy updated firmwares etc to the DVD+RW.


DriveImage 7 creates bootable DVD (the bootable part is 240MB). Since it works with previous images, I create images in DOS using DriveImage 6 (2003) and burn together with Nero on DVD+RW.
I do it frequently and I have aproved the restoration.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll check out driveimage 7.


I’m sorry I cannot help with tips how to make DVD+RW work, but I can give a hint why it doesn’t work - DVD+R and DVD+RW are different formats, the information on them is stored in different ways. One obvious difference is that no matter how many sessions you write on a +RW, it always reporst it is one session, closed.
Another difference, which is applicable in this case, is that the start address of the data is different for the two formats - obviously it works for bootable in dvd+r, and not in DVD+RW.

I have iso-images of booteable CDs (hirens 6)
Then i use Ultraiso to put in anything i want (additional tools, HD-Images,…)
and burn it to DVD.
Thats it.
Or you can use EasyBoot to add several bootable infos to one DVD.

Why do not use MagicISO instead. becuase it includes the both feature.