Bootable DVD problem

Have a problem copying a bootable DVD.

I can make an ISO Image with nero and burn it to DVD again, but it won’t be recognized as bootable anymore. Anybody any suggestions?

Never tried it, but I would have tried DVD Decrypter to make the ISO and to burn it to DVDR.

I think dvd decryptor is for video dvd’s decrypting vob video files to hdd?

is it possible to make raw images from a Bootable Software-DVD with dvd decryptor ???

“…only for decrypting VOBs…?”

No, DVDDecrypter in ISO mode will take an image of the whole DVD and copy it to the hard drive, sight unseen and no questions asked.

You can then use the same program (or any other burning software that handles ISO images) and burn it to a DVD blank.

Why not try it on a DVD-RW?


It works very well with DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, and DVD-RW though I didn’t try it with the latest Nero

yeah, didn’t knew that… but it rerally works (and i’m not talking about something spammy…)

great tool…


YES! Works on + and - !
BUT dependz on reading NOT writing (+ and - make no difference!)

AND as i say: hardware… (but you all know the phrase)