Bootable DVD/CD 101

I have never made a bootable DVD/CD. I just found the site down below to resolve my forgotten password problem on my Windows Vista box. I found 2 or 3 “youtube” videos showing how it works but they are skipping the part about the bootable CD/DVD. I guess it’s common knowledge except for me. So,…I burned the ISO to my DVD. Placed it in my problem computer drive. Set the BIOS to boot first from the DVD/CD drive. No Go!! It’s not working.

Do I need to add additional things to my DVD/CD besides the ISO file?
What steps do I need to follow?

The ISO has to be made in a bootable form. This ISO from your link is done properly. I downloaded it, extracted it from the zip file and burned to a dvd using ImgBurn. I then booted up my secondary computer using this disk. No problems for me.

I don’t have a solution for you, but the image file itself is not the problem.

I used Roxio. I just made a Data disc by just burning the file to the DVD. I just downloaded imgburn. Burned the ISO to the DVD. I will see if it works now.

Can you see the .iso file on the disc after the burn?

The reason I ask is because after the burn was completed, I couldn’t see the file or disc in Explorer.

No, the contents of the disk do not show up in Explorer. ISOBuster does show the files.

Thanks for the help. My problem with the bootable DVD/CD was resolved. It worked! But the ISO did not do what it was suppose to do on MY COMPUTER. It just stopped and windows never rebooted. The example is down below. I don’t need a resolution for this. I did some research on the internet and some more people had the same problem with no answer. I think that it is because I have 2 partitions(possibly). I don’t care!

I used a Registry Editor and changed the Admin password from the shell. My password problem has been resolved.

I actually learned something today. Thanks for your help.

>>KON-BOOT ver. 1.0 – ready! h4×0Rin uH?
>>Checking SMAP BIOS entries…
>>Dummy BIOS detected, trying to fix SMAP entries.
>>Booting up ! -EOT

hangs up……