Bootable DOS CD avaible here (970 kb)

Ive made a .iso image of the DOS CD I compilated when flashing my dvd burner. For those with no floppy disk this is a good thing to download to burn to CD and get into DOS ( only 972kb big! )

Extract the zip file and burn to a CD.
Reboot your pc and BOOT from CD
Now you are in DOS.

You can also browse your NTFS discs and FAT32 discs (dont think win98 dos disks do that)

It also containt the flash tool made by Vlad & Igor, The Dangerous Brothers.

Just putted it out for download for those of you to lazy to create a boot cd yarself.

Download it here

I choosed to post in this section because its firmware releated.

If I violated any rules by posting this link im sorry.
I just tried to help other ppl with no floppy disc

Great work! U da man…

Which boot record image did you use?

nice, it will come in handy as most people don’t have floppy anymorw. I am curious can we ever use usb drive (ie zip drive, usb memory card to boot up?

Dunno… I made it a iso file and tried burning it to both cd/dvd with 2 diffrent apps. Both worked.

So burn it to CD/DVD and reboot computer :slight_smile:
Dunno if it will work from memory card.

thanks useful :slight_smile:

Site down atm, I guess it will be up again tomorrow… Isnt the best isp hosting for $1 a month :stuck_out_tongue:

mine can now… and it is a 1.8ghtz celeron gateway computer. not sure what your hardware is but booting to usb either jump drive, external hd or ext cdrom works fine for me.

What would the syntax be for something like that?

my ISP had powerbreakdown, image is avaible for download again

Nevermind I got it working…Man I love my USB drive…

not sure what you mean

I didn’t understand what the switches would be for the “jumpdrive.” Then I did some reading and google’in. I found out that drive letters are done diffrent under DOS. Now I understand the syntax used to flash your drive from a jumpdrive.

google rulez