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Dumb question of the day. How do I make a CD bootable? I have copied the contents of a bootable CD to my C drive which I wish to add some files to then burn (using EZ CD Creator) but it is no longer bootable. Please excuse my ignorance and TIA

Is it Windows XP you want bootable?, if so then i could help:)

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How do I make a CD bootable?

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I use

and I have use a program called Wininternals.
It usually will help you create a cd that can be made to boot the pc and can have other programs also…

OK, here’s more details. I’m trying to add some sevice pack directorys to a Win2000 CD in order to streamline a rollout to several workstations. I’ve now discovered the “Bootable CD” option in EZ CD Creator but can’t figure out the proper options. I know to use “no emulation” 'cause when I boot from the original it says “boot ATAPI no emulation” on the screen. But I don’t know if I need to change the default load segment (0x7c0), the sector count (1), nor do I know where to point it for the location of the bootable image. I’ve burned numerous CDs with different options but when I start a system up they hang at the “boot ATAPI no emulation” screen. Any info is greatly appreciated.

Try this link, it has a link for 2k with sp1 on it. Of course 2k is now at like sp3 or 4 or something to that effect.

That gives directions on how to it completely, because that was the way I made a 2000pro bootdisc with other stuff on it.