Bootable CDs with copytodvd?

hi ppl!

can anyone tell me if it is possible to create bootable CDs with copytodvd? i’m currently using nero 5.x (with which i already created boot CDs) and don’t want to buy/upgrade to 6.x because it is terribly bloated (but that’s just my opinion ;)).

if copytodvd isn’t able to make boot CDs, is there a free program that is able to? paying twice for a burning program doesn’t make much sense… :bigsmile:


Just put everything you want on your CD in a folder, Right click on that folder and click on Copy2DVD. and it will burn.


thanks for responding. just to make sure i understand you: when you say “it will burn” – does that mean it burns a BOOTABLE cd??? that’s what this post was about :wink:



ps: i can’t test copytodvd right now because i’m not at home.

If you include what is needed to boot, I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

… er, because you need to have certain information written at the EXACT location of the boot sector on the CD. otherwise, the CD won’t boot even if you included let’s say “IO.SYS” or “MSDOS.SYS” or “NTLDR.SYS” or whatever boot files you need. but i can’t remember anymore where the boot sector starts (0700h?), but i hope this makes sense. if anyone wants to correct me, please do so!

in nero, you would include a small extracted image file (like “xpboot.img” that you can find on the net) to make a CD bootable along with all the other files that you want to burn. nero would conveniently write the boot info into the boot sector for you, but the length of the boot sector needed to be modified. so, this procedure is not as simple and straight forward as it may seem.

no offense, but can I assume you have never tried to create a boot CD with copytodvd before??? :rolleyes:


No I have not. My son-in-law made me one that has cd drivers on it and all the dos commands. He used copy2dvd to burn it to a cd.


maybe you could be so kind to ask your son-in-law about the EXACT procedure on how he created a boot CD. i tried your suggested way and just produced a coaster :sad: .

thnx in advance.



I have not tried but cant see why this method would not work…

Download as you mentioned bxpboot.img and a small program called CDImage and place them in the same dir…ie on C:\

Then from Strart > run type…(Please Modify where required…)


Then burn the MY_FILES.ISO with CopytoDVD with no problems.

If you want more then just this one program, try a Bartpe cd. This way, you can almost put any program you want. If you need help with making a plugin, then let me know. I can help with that.

With a little time invested, then this will be one of you most important cds

@peebz and brantdk:

thx guys 4 your contributions. i will try out both methods at home (one can never learn enough ;)). brantdk, your link to bartpe contains a WEALTH of information :eek: ! i only scanned through its website real quickly and was amazed! i’ll do some thorough reading once i’m within my quiet confines of my 4 walls :).

thx again to every1 for the valuable input.



i need your help: where can i find the latest cdimage file as a win32 binary version? the search i did revealed a battery of linux versions!?!

where can i find the latest cdimage file as a win32 binary version

No problems. Download: CDImage for Windows

muchas gracias, peebz! will try out at home.