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I did a search of the forum, but didn’t find anything on this. I’m trying to make a bootable CD that will automatically start a program when the boot is complete. I want as little user intervention/interaction on this as possible for the people who will be getting this CD. I’m using Nero I select “CD-ROM (Boot)” as the disc I want to burn. On the Boot tab I select Image file and it’s pointing to C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 7\Core\DosBootimage.IMA.

I’m burning an autoexec.bat file on the CD that starts a program and then runs a second program when the first is complete. The two programs that run are also being burned on the CD. The CD boots, but when it’s done booting it’s at an A: prompt. I have to type in D: to change to the CD, and then type in autoexec.bat. Everything works fine after that.

I thought it would see the autoexec.bat on the CD and start it up as soon as it finished booting, but that’s not the case. How can I get it to do this?


hope you get the idea with this. should work with programs. use a regular blank disc. no nero autorun stuff needed. I just made a quick disc using this and an .exe file and it launched. Type it as you see it and make sure the name matches the file name in the .INF file

I don’t think that will work, as the CD won’t be used in Windows. This is actually to throw an image on a PC. I want to boot off the CD and have it automatically start the imaging software and put the image on the PC without the user having to do anything other than put the CD in the PC and boot off the CD.

I’ve got it working, except that when it boots up it ends at an A: (floppy drive) prompt. I then have to type in D: to change to the CD drive, and then type in autoexec.bat to start up everything. Everything works perfect after that…it runs the imaging software and puts the image on the PC, and when that’s done it runs another program to change the SID of the PC.

I don’t want the user to have to change to the CD drive and then type in something else to start the imaging process. I just want them to boot off the CD and have it start the autoexec.bat automatically without them having to do anything.

You are going to need CD-ROM drivers for your DOS boot image in order to access files on the CD that are not within the bootable image itself. These CD-ROM drivers may or may not already be included in the Nero boot image file (I don’t know).

Look for the following files on some DOS diskette: aspi2dos.sys, aspi4dos.sys, aspi8dos.sys, aspi8u2.sys, aspicd.sys, oakcdrom.sys and mscdex.exe

You also need to load the *.sys files in your config.sys an load the mscdex.exe file in your autoexec.bat. Do a google search for specifics.

Don’t mean to be rude or anything, but you guys don’t seem to be comprehending what I’m saying…or maybe I’m just not being clear enough. I’m not running this from Windows, I don’t need CD drivers, and it’s semi-working but not doing it automatic.

I’ve created a boot CD in Nero. There are no floppies involved in this. The CD drivers are there and on the CD. It boots off of the CD with no floppies, no problems. Once it’s booted up it’s at an A: (floppy drive) DOS prompt, even though I didn’t boot off of a floppy. I can type in D: at the A: prompt and manually change to the CD (D: drive) and run the stuff that’s on the CD with no problems.

I just want it to do all this automatically…boot and run the programs without having to change to the CD drive or type anything in. It should boot off the CD and then start the programs automatically without me having to do anything, but it doesn’t and I can’t figure out why. I have an autoexec.bat file on the CD. Once I change over to the CD drive I can type in autoexec.bat at the prompt and it runs.

I don’t understand why it goes to an A: DOS prompt when there’s no floppy involved in the boot process.


I don’t get it do you :confused:

That’s simple. The boot-CD you created EMULATES as a floppy! Let’s say, it creates a virtual floppy drive - it does this to increase the compatibility with older BIOS and the OS (DOS) which shall be loaded, because older BIOS might have problems booting DOS from a drive which is not a HDD which has not the letter a:

i don’t know what kind of DOS is loaded on startup of you CD-R, but i imagine it is not MS-DOS; so i doubt that it will even try to load the autoexec.bat.

btw: what is the purpose of your cd, what do you want to do with it? maybe there are other ways which will work better…

I thought about the emulation thing, so I tried turning on the advanced options in Nero and told it NO EMULATION and it still does the same thing. It’s Caldera DR-DOS, and it should still run the autoexec.bat even though it’s not MS-DOS. The autoexec.bat is not exclusive to MS-DOS.

I’m making this CD for our technicians out in the field for the purpose of reimaging PC’s. Basically, I want them to be able to boot off the CD and have everything be automatic. It should boot off the CD, start the imaging software and go through the imaging process, then exit the imaging software and run a second program that changes the PC’s SID…all without them having to do anything.

At the moment the only problem I’m having is that the process doesn’t start automatically. It boots up to a floppy drive propmt, I then have to change to the CD drive, and then when I type in autoexec.bat everything runs like it’s supposed to from there.

scots, is your autoexec.bat located within your DOS image, or have you just added it to your CD compilation outside the DOS image?

When the pc boots off your bootable CD, it will load the boot image file as a virtual floppy drive with drive letter A: and run whichever (DOS) operating system it finds there. Files outside the DOS image are only available if your DOS image includes CD-ROM drivers (which seems to be the case), and they are in no way loaded automatically - this has to be done explicitly by an autoexec.bat inside the boot image.

I could send you my own bootable DOS image, so that you can see how I load stuff in config.sys and autoexec.bat if you’re interested.

OK…that info from your last post helped me out, DrageMester. I used some software called MagicISO to edit the autoexec file that was inside the boot image file. Everything is working like I want it to now, with minimal input needed from our field techs.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Glad to be of service! :slight_smile:

kinda on topic…

i want to flash my nec drive and i want to use liggys reverse ata tool. wel i need to boot the laptop in DOS mode so i want to use neros bootable cd program. clearly its more complex than just burning the C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 7\Core\DosBootimage.IMA. to the disc.

can you guys kindly tell me how do boot the laptop to DOS so i can complete the flashing utility? ive nere done this outsided of windows before. i have an external CD burner connected to the USB port. i have a dell b130 with one IDE channel and xp pro. trying to flash my 6750a to show as slave sicne my laptop does not have a secondary IDE…

if there is a link by all means post it here. my searching of DOS and BOOT turned up way to many threads…

DrageMaster i want to see your bootable DOS image. So if u can send it to me, it would be of a great help.

Read here:

geez nobody read the dates anymore? [B]23-02-2006[/B] , im sure he alredy had this one sorted long time ago