Bootable CD Option in CopytoDVD?


I saw the question raised about bootable creating bootable CD’s from CopytoDVD in this thread about a ConvertXtoDVD update notce.

I also have the need to create bootable CD’s. I sent a request through VSO’s website to inquire on this about a week ago, but did not receive a definitive answer on whether it could be added as an feature update to version 3 or something that could be implemented in the next version.

I see that the developers visit the forum and was hoping VSO could respond. Also checking to see how many others in this forum need or would like to have this feature as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As a matter of fact, I was looking at this forum to try to determine just how I would create a bootable CD using CopytoDVD. No go and I do need it right NOW! Bummer. Guess I wil need to reinstall Nero (uck). If the developers are listening this is definitely a must have feature for a complete solution. There are times you simply need to create a bootable CD (like now, friggin drive failed on a machine at a remote location and I need to carry forensic software in hand to try to perform some recovery. Yes I can do this with DOS disks but I really hate relying on the 6-10 year old floppies I have laying around.)

Grab MicroBurner from

Go into Settings and choose Bootable then select the boot image to use.

No need to install Nero, (i haven’t used it for 2 years).

Otherwise, go to: and grab the ISO and burn it.

F.I.R.E. = Forensic and Incident Response Environment bootable CD