Hi all,
I would like to make a bootable CD but I dn’t have a floppy drive:( . I would like to flash my combo drive and was told to create a bootable cd, to which ens i have tried. Near all the advice I have been given says that you must make a bootable floppy first. So i am stuck… I have windowsXP home and nero burning software.
Please can anyone help.
Also make the instructions easy.
Thanks in advance

your best bet if you don’t have a secondary os installed is to find a friend running win9X,Me etc anything but XP

boot into dos and then flash away.

yeah…agree OZ…how can we learn when we do not know the results

he/she probably didn’t wanna wait and went and bought a 10 dollar floppy…

but seriously no reply is baaaad, even if the person did settle for the floppy route, shoulda r/b.

Hi all,
Sorry for not replying as i been away a few weeks.
I desided to give up on flashing my drive as it sounds like alot of hard work.
thanks for the help i recieved and to some of you have patience as we may have a good excuse.