Boot up problem



Not for sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes…

This problem started about three weeks ago.
When i boot the computer it starts up normal, then stops after it lists hard drive #1 then #2 and then lists cdrom #1 and #2 …then it says “press delete to resume” then finishes booting up normal…
it use to boot up without asking me to hit the delete key to resume, anyone have any ideas as to why it starting doing this all of a sudden??
I hadn’t installed anything software or hardware . My only thought is that maybe the battery is going bad??
Any and all help is greatly appreciated, i guess its more of an annoyance than a problem…
ps> i reformated and reinstalled everything but it still stops and says to hit delete to resume


Get a new battery for your mobo and clear CMOS. Go into your BIOS and make sure the setting only says boot from IDE-0. RTFM for details.


Thanks Stoner, never had a cmos go bad on me before, thats why I wasn’t for sure what it would do. But replacing the battery fixed it.
thanks again