Boot PSX without modchip ? Not yet, but

I just posted the article Boot PSX without modchip ? Not yet, but….

Okay, first of all, we’re not claiming to have found the way to boot a playstation with a 1:1 copy, without the need of a bootchip. But there is an intresting thread on our forum what would be good…

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Well well well…somebody found out what I’ve fouond out too some time ago…what I thought was that if the “normal” 2x cd rom player the psx 1 is built with could read the boot protection why shouldn’t a more expensive cd rw drive read it too ? So…try to do this: Dump the psx game image with a software called DUPLICATOR wich is able to read the LBA starting from -000150 ( eh eh ) . Then burn the image in raw mode using the same prog… …and by the way…most important: use ONLY PRINCO cd-r . I know they are crap and cheap but they’re the only one you can burn at every speed with no fear the psx console will read them ! Any question/suggestion welcome… I don’t to be boring but…let me tell all you this : Many people ( programmers ) at Elaborate Bytes or Ahead or any else knew this fact , this truth long time ago but “somehow” ( maybe because modchip are to be sold anyway ?? ) no one told us about this . But it was so simple and logic : if it can be read by a cheap cheap cheap psx cd rom drive why couldn’t it be read by an ultra-modern cd rw drive ? I said this before i know but I want to add this : let’s think why Clone Cd continues to be updated at least once a week…WHY ?? New serials blacklisted blah blah blah and , oh yes , don’t forget about new recorders supported ! This is basically BULLSHIT ! The software I use ( Duplicator v. 2.3b ) hasn’t been updated since 1999 but it fully supports my new Lite On LTR 32123S and it doesn’t ask for any serials when you install it !! So…where are the honest people and where are the ( burning software developers ) thieves ?

Does your Duplicator v2.3b make perfect copies of Safedisc 1/2, securom1/2 or laserlok? I don’t think so…

Let’s not forget Libcrypt protection …

motoracer72 - you’re lightly off…:+ The problem is in the writing some completely zeroed sectors occured on original PSX CD by writer - what’s IMPOSSIBLE, cuz it’s out of the standard - something what FW is NOT able to handle! Maybe there’s a way to solve this prob. -> fixing writer’s FW - MAYBE! For mor details go to :7

Answers: SAMURA : I don’t know about copying safedisc1/2 ( or 2.51 ) nor about other copy protection schemes for pc games … never tried since I like to play on my PSX and work on my PC . Sorry . Anyway I’ll try to copy a protected cd and let you know. LUKI : You are lightly right :4 An hacked firmware is necessary ( may be ) but also remember that Lite On drives are , let’s say , " highly customizable " . Have a nice day you all . :wink:

Also I tell you this : Duplicator doesn’t read 2048 , 2096 or 2352 bytes/sector…it reads it fully ! 2448 bytes ! So, everything is written on it it reads it ( reading speeds depend on your reader though ). Try to drill a hole on the cd you want to copy , let Duplicator read it and write it , take the copy and look at it … where , on the original , there was an hole on the copy there’s no data ! Btw , I have a modded psx since I play foreign game on my console . Bye

I used this program for a while it is good heres a link duplicator.html

is this the same for PSOne, or just the original playstation?

comment to Motorracer, i’m a progger for EA, and if you don’t know what you’r talking about then shut up ! the only way to boot a PS (any model) with a “backed up cd” is with a chip, everything else will be detected by the boot record checker. keep on hacking, life ain’t nothing without it :wink:

<u>motoracer72 & GO71</u>: Th Duplicator use the same method as CloneCD - <b>DAO-RAW 96</b> and also, CloneCD is still at progress unlike Duplicator which is outdated so forget about it and go for <b>CloneCD</b> it’s much better and flexible with most modern CD-R/W writers. :stuck_out_tongue:

why are you guys flaming so on motoracer72 - I sense that some of what he says is true…

FreES7yler OK - maybe it is true… but I haven’t noticed of his reference to his success in a make of truly working copy of the PSX CD on PSX with NO Mod-chip or something like and without the need to do “swap trick” etc… :7

Answers: LUKI : Clone Cd doesn’t read the pregap ! FreES7yler : Thanks for defending me and also … you are right since I never said I succesfully backed up a PSX game ! LUKI : Yes you didn’t notice any reference to any success of copying a PSX game since I NEVER said it ! I only stated that the prog I use is able to read the pre-gap ( or hidden LBA … or Hidden Track… call it as you wish ) and that the same program is able to write it using a Lite On cd writer ( i don’t know with other brands since I have only Lite On ) . Also let me tell to all of you this : A PSX game is often a cd rom mode 2/xa … this means that you have to copy : 1) the pre gap ( where the boot code is ) 2) All the tracks ( including the LibCrypt protection scheme ) There’s one problem ( apart from forcing your cd writer firmware “understand” that it has to write the pre gap in a correct mode ) and it is that Duplicator doesn’t read the second track when it encounters a mode 2/xa cd rom … so how can we do ? You have to find a way to play around this problem… I give you some tips then let your fantasy do the rest of the work : MAy be you can dump the pre gap and the first track with duplicator . Then you can extract the second track with some other burning or cd recovery data software ( I reccomend using Cdr Win for this purpose ). Then you have two image files ( saved with different formats ) you have to “mix up” before you can burn them on CD . I am sorry but I don’t want to say more… keep working on this project my friends. Have a nice day. MANiAk : now… do you still think that I don’t know what I am talking about ? :4

Yes - “…forcing your cd writer firmware “understand” that it has to write the pre gap in a correct mode” - You’ve hit the right nail on the head (at least) :p. There’s (maybe) no problem to write the software to read & write the first pregap, but there’s a firmware problem (as I’ve mentioned above), I guess. But just all the words above are ours opinions - ONLY TIME WILL TELL… good luck :7

There’s an interesting aticle here: web/20010923030858/ vo/articles/modlesscdr.htm

Problem is: CDR’s have already data in that sectors, cdr manufacturer data like :(TDK inc. Houston US). There arent CDR on the market wich allows burning that sectors. Sony sells some CDR’s with the right bootcode already on it, but they’re very expensive and only accesible to legitimate psx developers. They are used to make Master Disks or Beta Disks

Nighthawk : I read the article…interesting ! I already heard about excdpro program doing some magical about some boot cd for psx…used it but had no luck at all… Another way to try is to dump to your hard disk a psx cd with CloneCd then use duplicator on the same original game setting the “exclude areas” to the whole cd except the pregap. Now you have two image files you have to open them with isobuster and join them . At the save the image file again as a single image on your hard disk and burn it in raw mode . Try if this work… :wink:

NuKhem, so does this mean the actual burner used is not of importance, i.e. one does not need the burners put out by Sony for PSX development, just the right CDRs?

epsxe… i have a playstation and i haven’t touched the time since I downloaded this wonderful emulator