Boot froom cd problem

Even though the harddrive is set as boot first device every time the computer is powered off it goes to boot from cd: Then I have to F12 it and hit the boot from harddisk and even there it is already picked as the boot device but I have to reenter it to get it to boot from the hardrive. It works fine on a restart and only does this on a powerdown. What am I missing?

OK now I’m wondering if this problem is too complex or too simple to answer. Any ideas at all? Anyone?

I’m guessing that you have gone into the BIOS to make sure that the boot order shows the 0IDE as your first device in the POST. If this is the case you may want to clear the CMOS, it’s even possible that you may need to replace the battery.

Maybe the BIOS takes a look at the hard drive and decides it’s not bootable, so it goes to the next device. The hard drive might need some time after power-on before it responds properly.

I think my BIOS has an option that causes the BIOS to wait a second before accessing the hard drive. If your BIOS has such an option, maybe that would cure it.

You might try something just to see what happens, in hopes it will give a clue. After powering on, hit the key you use to enter the BIOS. Then exit the BIOS. That should cause the BIOS to start over from square one, and maybe it will find the hard drive ready and bootable.

Thanks for the responses people. It gives me some things to think on. I thought about the battery but since it’s a new mb I thought that wasn’t likely but you never know. Will try some of the ideas and post back the results.