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It is time to reinstall my Windows XP Pro OS. I have an Adaptec Ultra ATA controller card. I have my Hard drives including the one with the OS on the card and all my opticals on the ides on the MB. I tried to boot from the Windows disk but it will not boot from cd. I have one of the opticals setup to boot first and the scsi drives second but it skips the optical and goes to the current installation. I also tried disabling the scsi but it still skips the optical. I think it has something to do with the controller. I guess I could take th pc apart and just install the drive that I want the OS on, on a ide on the MB, then put it on the controller after I get it reinstalled, but it seems that I should be able to boot from the cd as it is. Any ideas?

Have you tried to boot to a different drive and (stupid question here) did you save changes when you changed your boot settings in Bios? :slight_smile:

No, I dont want to boot to another drive as they are full of data. And yes I saved changes. I am thinking that since my OS is on a drive on the controller I have to prompt it somehow to boot from the disk instead of normal startup from the HD?

What I meant was have you tried to boot to a different optical drive? I have my hard drives on a Promise controller and can boot to the Optical drives no problems, but it is a different controller. When set to boot to an optical drive in BIOS it should look at the optical drive first no matter where your hard drives are installed. Should give a prompt “press any key to boot to CD” if the disc is a bootable disc.

Yeh I tried to boot to different drives, and it is a Windows XP PRO Corp. version disk

Guess it could be your controller. I have never had much success reloading Windows on my Promise 378 controller, it boots to the CD and finds the hard drive, but after the F6 loading the Promise drivers, Windows always stalls around the 35 minutes left mark. So my workaround is install the hard drive on the Mobo controller (Intel) in my case, Load Windows then install the Promise Ultra ATA drivers (Adaptec in your case) through add and remove hardware, then move the HDD to the Adaptec controller. Works great for me. Like you said maybe your BIOS and the Adaptec not getting along. (Guessing).

Some “high speed ATA” controllers don’t handle optical drives well at all.

How slow is the IDE channel on your motherboard? I see no real reason you shouldn’t just run your optical drives from the motherboard. As an added incentive, you can put the DVD-ROM on primary master, the DVD burner on secondary master, each has their own cable and channel and will be happier! Then you can put your hard disks on the Adaptec ATA card and everything will work just peachy!

IMO, your controller card should have nothing to do with booting from a CD drive attached to the mobo IDE controller, at all. It should work. As long as the drives are detected, and you have chosen the correct CD drive to boot from, it should work. For example, if you have two CD drives, and you have the first one selected in the bios, it will not boot from the second CD drive unless you tell it to.

Try this, in your bios boot order, make the CD drive the first (and only) boot device, and temporarily disable the other boot devices. See if you can boot from the CD if it’s the only device available to boot from. If you still can’t boot, then I don’t know cause like I said, it should work.

If you decide to do like you said, install windows on mobo IDE, then transfer it over to the controller card, keep in mind you must load the drivers for the controller card before you transfer it over. Obviously, if windows can’t run the device, there’s no way you can boot from it. Also, once you can boot from the CD, if you still have your Windows hard drive on the controller card, once it starts to boot from CD it will say “press F6 to load 3rd party drivers”. You need to use the driver floppy for your controller card to load the drivers or Windows setup won’t even see the controller card or your drive. I’ve formatted and installed Windows through a controller card before, and it should work just fine as long as you follow those few steps. Good luck :slight_smile:

I already tried all the optical drives with the other drives disabled. I was just trying to avoid taking it apart, loading through the onboard ide then reinstalling drives on the controller.
@ Gurm
I do have all my opticals on the onboard ides, :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Wow dude, that’s so weird that it won’t work. I’ve never seen that be a problem unless there’s something wrong with the CD drive and/or it’s not being detected.

Just out of curiosity, even if you move your HDD to the onboard IDE channel, how are you gonna load it? I don’t think taking out your controller card is gonna change anything, you still won’t be able to boot from the CD drive if you can’t right now. Not sure what good moving your HDD will do, if you can’t boot from the CD drive. One shouldn’t have anything to do with the other.

Well it is wierd, like I said in post# 4 if it’s set to boot to an optical drive and the drive has a bootable disc it should not by pass and boot to the hard drive. Maybe your BIOS is corrupted and a reflash might do the trick. Yeah I know it’s it’s thin but there are not many choices.:wink:
EDIT: My Bios (ASUS Mobo) allows me to hit the F8 key during boot and gives me a selection of what drive I want to boot too, including my optical drives. If you have that option it may be worth a shot.

There was one day, when I helped a friend reinstall his xp, and we can’t boot from his XP CD on his IDE CD burner. I wen’t back home, took my XP CD and it’s fine. Then I “carefully” made a copy of his XP CD and was able to boot from the copy. So we knew the problem is his original XP CD. Maybe there’s something wrong or invisible scratch on his XP CD boot sector. Try to copy the XP CD or borrow your friend’s to test.

Other way to test (whether you have a bad XP cd or the drive) is to boot from another bootable CD, such as HDD installation (example: Maxtor MaxBlast3), some Norton cd, etc. If you can boot from other bootable CD then you can blame your XP cd.

After some reading I was finally able to get it to work. what I had to do was:

  1. Connect the drive that the OS was on to the onboard ide
  2. Porformed a low level format, (write zeros to the HD)
  3. Reinstalled the OS
  4. Installed the drivers for the controller.
  5. Moved the drive to the controller! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: