Boot file extension

I am completely new to PS2 bootdisk ‘quest’ and would appreciate some help. This may be a dumb question but what is the extension of the boot file on a PS2 disc?

BOOT2 = cdrom0:\SLES_525.41;1
VER = 1.03

Can the above lines be edited and what would happen if I changed it?

I’m guessing this is a call to the file SLES_525.41 and line 1

Is there any software that will decrypt hex back into straight code?
Can that even be done??

I know where we want to go, I just don’t know where to start.

Having my first crazy thought:
If the System.cnf calls file SLES_525.41;1
Could I rename System.cnf to something else;
Create a file using edited original SLES_525.41 and call that from system.cnf?

BOOT2 = cdrom0:\my_newfile;1
VER = 1.03

Can autoboot be disabled?

Simplicity is genius!!

Is there some kind of formating for the bootdisc . I know when you make a pc HD bootable you nees the format.exe c:/s to make it bootable.

Is there any software that reads Ps2 files correctly, I don’t mean images etc, as a readable code?

Hi and welcome,

correct me if I’m wrong, but you want to create a bootable backup of a PS2 DVD?

PS2 games use a “physical” protection wich can’t be copyied by any CD/DVD burner. A burner can copy the data on the disc but not the protection. You will need to chip-mod your PS2 or you have to use a pressed bootdisc before you insert the game-backup. (Datel managed it to create such a pressed bootdisc).

Would that be even legal? Mh?!?