Boot Disk error! WTF?!

Two days ago I put my CD recorder (Plextor 8/4/32A) from my PC to an another PC, but right at the start as I connected it, the error said “boot disk error” as if I placed a non bootable floppy or CD in the drive. The first thing I did afterwards was set the boot device priority so that the floppy was the first one and not the CDdrive as it was before. I restarted the pc and well, all worked just fine. The burner was immediately recognized by winXP… Untill the next day…It again returned the same error! I tried to restart and again it worked (didn’t change anything now) but the next time I had to restart for 2 times before it worked! I installed the recorder as a secondary slave, and another DVD drive as a secondary master (not with CSEL). Besides I have a HD as the primary master, and an Iomega100 ZIP drive as a primary slave. Now I ask if somebody can help with this issue?
best regards

P.S.: I am aware that here shouldn’t be posts about burners but even tho I talk about plextor burner it has to do with the MB and connecting drives to IDE channels, not burning issue!

Firstly, can you get into Windows via Safe Mode?

My guess would be a dodgy Windows operating system. If you can get into Safe Mode, go to run and type sfc /scannow. Then type chkdsk /f. See if it finds any errors.