Boot disc windows xp pro



when i try to boot from xp disc on start up it says boot from any cd i hit enter but i goes right in to windows bios is set to boot from rom, is this a software or hardware problem?.


Sounds like something in your BIOS is quite right. Try making the CD Rom the 1st boot device. Some motherboards I had, have a Boot menu where hitting the ESC key on bootup will let you choose whice device ZIP, Floopy, CD etc…or your XP disk could be bad :frowning:


Is it an original XP disk , cause some copies are not bootable


Do you perhaps have a wireless keyboard? Some keyboards tend to do this (I’ve seen it with Logitech and Microsoft ones). Never really looked for a cure btw, installing with a wired keyboard always did the trick for me.


Have you got 2 cd drives in your system? If so, try booting from the other one. Some system BIOS’s will only use one of 2 or more cd drives to boot from (most cases it uses the primary slave). If that doesn’t work then you more than likely have a faulty boot cd.