Boot CD?

I am new to firmware flashing, so please forgive the noobie question; Can I flash my 2510 F/W from a boot CD or do I have to use the Windows installer? :confused: This is an issue because I didn’t put a floppy in when I built my machine. :sad:
If I have to use the Windows piece, is there anything I can do to insure success? TIA for your help.

DOS BootCD should work fine.
After you’ve loaded and are working in DOS, take the CD out and then flash.

Yeah i did the last thing last night. I googled for dos boot cd and found a boot cd. However it was only windows 98 boot disk on it and my file system was NTFS, so i solved it like this.

  1. I burned the boot cd
  2. I burned the .bin and .exe file

Then i booted the cd, got in win98 dos startup,
then putted in the cd with .bin .exe file, then copy it to memory in dos

copy 2X00.exe q: (was the syntax for me)
Then popped out cd
And ran flash from RAM.

Worked very good. Now i can use bitsetting and burn verb 4x on 8x :stuck_out_tongue:

You can make a boot CD with Nero (not MS-DOS version, but will work fine), it can read from NTFS, so your firmware files can be stored on your HDD.