Booktyping dvd+r to another media

hi all, I have a problem that might have a simple fix. I’ve been trying to burn data dvd’s with DVD+R media, using Nero and also CdBurnerXP Pro. I seem to be able to record/burn just fine, but my finished dvd disks never work in the drive. I get an error that says Please Insert Disk into Drive so-in-so, every time I try to read one of my burned DVD+R data dvd’s.

I’ve tried many things, including new firmware for my burner and different burning software, but none of it works. I suspect that even though my burner claims to be able to read DVD+R media, it can’t. I don’t fully understand booktyping, but if it affects the final format of the disk, it’s the next likely thing to try, right?

now I just need to know how the heck to do it. please tell me either step by step or give me a good idea of where to look to change it to a more universal format.