hi guys. whenever i used my old dvd writer (btc…yeah crap) and a +R blank disc, nero would automatically change the book type to rom so it would be recognised in older dvd players or certain standalone dvd recorders… but when using my new 1635s it doesnt. is there any way to overcome this or have i got to keep using liteons tool everytime i use a +R. thanks in advance.

you must set the booktype only once with the official lite-on booktype utility, the settings will remain in the eeprom

ah. just the once. didn`t know that. thanks.

Where can I find this tool?

The one I found on liteon’s site won’t recognise the SHW-1635S.

This is becoming VERY annoying…

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

BookType 1.3.5 which can be found on this page worked fine for me on my 1635S, but as far as I remember I had to put a blank DVD+R disc in the drive before I could change the default booktype.

you must insert a blank +r media to set the booktype with the liteon utility. as far as i know it should work up to the latest drives.