Is this to be used on the media, the pc drive or the LVW 5005? I am sorry I thought it maybe for use on the media but I think I am in error. If so I may have changed my drive in the PC, if I did will it hurt may ability to record data disks?
I currently do not have any software to deal with DVD copy except the stuff from HP and an oem Lite on dvd burner. I need some assistance. If it is for the 5005 how do I use it?

Th booktype135 is a util;ity u run in the background when you are burning dvd’s in the PC using a LiteOn burner. It burns +r or +rw media to read as dvd-rom to players. It will not hurt your burner. You can’t use it on the 5XXX’s.

Thanks, I thought that this was a forum for stand alone burners like the 5xxx and that was why I was confused. I really am a noob and did look around for the correct use before I posted but did not find what I was looking for.

I did a post on booktype135 the other day here. You can use it to read the booktype of a dvd or use it to set the booktype of a DVD +R/+RW in a PC based LiteOn DVD burner/writer. It does not work on -R media.

Hey, we were all noobs at something at one time or another or will be a noob at somthing sometime in the future :slight_smile:

I tried to use booktype135 but it said the disc was already recorded and of course it was, which is why I wanted to convert it from DVD+R! Doh! What where the morons at LiteOn thinking? I guess you have to convert your DVD+R disc to DVD-Rom before recording them? I never tried that to see if it would work though, I figure it would just make the disc unuseable.

ArizonaSteve - On LiteON PC based bruners you use the booktype135 running in the background …put a +r dvd in the PC burner, start booktype135, do a query, it’ll show up as a +r, then change it to dvd-rom…it’ll say booktype changed successfully…now MINIMIZE, DO NOT CLOSE the booktype135 program and use your burning software to burn the dvd…when the burning is done maximize booktype135 and do a query again the dvd will now show as dvd-rom.