I didn’t really know where to put this, so my apologies if I put it in the wrong forum.

When I try to burn a DVD+R DL with imgburn, it says that there isn’t enough free disc space.
Acoording to imgburn there’s only 4.25GB free, only one layer, and according to imgburn, the booktype of the disc is “DVD-ROM”.

I’m wodering if the fact that the drive recognizes the disc as a “DVD-ROM” and not as a “DVD+R DL” is the cause of the fact that only one layer is recognized.

Imgburn says my drive should be able to handle DVD+R DL’s.

Does anyone know how to change the booktype from “DVD-ROM” to “DVD+R DL”?

What brand of media is it?

[QUOTE=~Jethro~;2232243]What brand of media is it?[/QUOTE]

The 5 DVD’s I tested are all memorex (they didn’t have verbatim dvd+r dl in the store).

I did also buy verbatim dvd-r dl. But those weren’t even recognized at all. (mind the “+” and “-” signs)

only a few drives recognize the"-" DL’s maybe you can return those. What is the model of your dvd burner (it will tell you in imgburn).

Memorex DL, lol.