Is there any reason the set Booktype setting to DVD-ROM for DVD+R does not work with Samsung Drives using the latest version of DVD Platinum?

Is there a program that come with it? I see that you have some BenQ drives and what I am referring to is like Qsuite. I set my BenQ 1625 with Qsuite and never have to worry. I’m not sure what would happen if I cliked it on in DVDFab, but there would probably be a conflict or error message. I was wondering if the drive could already be set to booktype +R media. Just doing some brain storming hoping to give you some trouble shooting ideas.


Try doing it with the latest version of Nero’s CD-DVD Speed.

What is the symptom of it not working?

I read in the burner section of CDFreaks Hardware Part, that some Samsung’s firmware will not allow change. There’s a world of information on burners and firmware that can be found on this forum.


No, there is no program that comes with these drives and nothing on their WEB site. I did send them an e-mail asking about this. I have the booktype set for my BENQ drives and also have it checked in DVDFAB and have no confilcts or problems. That is why I was wondering why DVDFAB would not change the booktype with this setting selected. You can, with a disk inserted, change the booktype using Nero CD-DVD Speed (must repeat for each disk inserted) so why not DVDFAB? Would make life easier! and otherwise what is the purpose of the DVDFAB setting?

The symptom is that disks are not bookmarked to DVD-ROM. Nothing seems able to change the bookmark to DVD-ROM for DVD+R on a permanent basis.

Is your particular model of Samsung drive capabale of Booktype setting?.

It appears it may not be capable of permanently setting the Booktype but on a disk by disk basis using CD-DVD speed I am able to change a DVD+R to a DVD-ROM assuming the blank is inserted in the drive. Once that disk is ejected the drive reverts back to +R so have to use CD-DVD speed again with the next disk.

That is why I wondered why the option in DVDFAB to change the booktype to DVD-ROM does not seem to do so when I burn a disk? If CD-DVD speed can do it it would seem that DVDFAB should also be able to using, I wiuld assume, much the same technique as CD-DVD speed. Otherwise, why have this setting in DVDFAB?

This may be a VSO issue if that is the burn engine you have selected. Their website has a link to submit problems to customer service and I have gotten fast results in the past. That drive firmware should not support this common feature should be raised with the manufacturer.

You could always burn with ImgBurn and stop messing with CD-DVD Speed between burns.

Thanks. I have an inquiry in with the drive manufacturer and just send one to VSO. Perhaps that will provide some additional informaiton.

But, I still wish the DVDFAB people would provide some information regarding what their Booktype setting does do (under write options). I know I said it before but if it can be done by CDSpeed then DVDFAB should be able to do the same. As you indicated it might be a VSO issue as well. I would just like a little more information on the setting in DVDFAB and when it does and does not work.


VSO responded that it was not one of their festures and should be referred to DVDFAB. So, I sent another e-mail to DBDFAB including the response from VSO. At this point I would just like to know what the booktype setting in FAB Platinum does (or does not do).

Did you by chance over look post #5 about “Samsung’s firmware will not allow a change to booktype setting” :confused:


Yes, thanks, I did but possibly I just do not understand it :confused: !! I know there seems to be no way to change the booktype setting on a permanent basis - post #5. I also know that by putting a blank DVD in the Samsung drive and using CD-DVD speed the booktype for that specific DVD can be changed from +R to DVD-ROM. Then I open DVDFAB and do the copy/burn and the disk comes out bookmarked DVD-ROM. This process has to be done for each disk inserted in the drive. So, if CD-DVD Speed can do it, why does the DVD FAB Platinum Booksetting feature not work (on its own) - on a per disk basis to do the same thing CD-DVD speed does? If the booktype could be set to DVD-ROM on a permanent basis what would be the need for the DVDFAB setting? I just assumed the DVDFAB setting was mainly for those drives that needed to be changed on a per-disk basis. What else would it be for?