Would someone please explain what the “Set booktype to DVD-ROM” setting does.




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Welcome to the DVDFab forum some dvd players will not read the +R media, so when you use this setting and make a backup on a +R disc it will allow your dvd player to read and play the movie that is on the +R disc.
It does not change the format of the disc just write the data on the disc so the player thinks it is a -R dvd disc, hope this help you better understand that setting



This is part of a post by Bigmacnc:" changing booktype on +R media to DVD-ROM increases compatibility as that is format commercial movies use. It does not change the format, it just tricks players into thinking it is DVD-ROM. Mack has taught me alot since I’ve been here. Trust him. Hope this answers your question. ~ Mike


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So… the question I’ve always wondered is, why not always set the Book type? Is there a drawback to setting it?


Packet Writing is better when you are writing Data only at least that is what I have been told and also have read.
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There really is no downside to setting the booktype (bitsetting). It will improve compatibilty, particularly in older players…although even some new ones still are a little finicky.


It is ok as long as you use +R media, but will cause problems if yo try to set it and use dash R (-R) not to confuse but some think -R is minus and inferior media. I use a lot of -R media and my BenQ burner has a program that allows me to choose to set any +R media to DVD-ROM, so I don’t forget so check for booktype also known as bitrate.



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I was under the impression that “booktype” was a field of four bits at the start of every DVD that indicates the physical format of the disc. Whereas bitrate (in this case) showed the amount of information contained at that point [Ranging from 0 to 10].


Old brain does not remember sometimes, it is bitset/booktype:



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