I change the Book type on DVD+Rs discs to DVD-ROM, but my older DVD player cannot read the discs. DVD-Rs are fine though.

Nero’s Disc Info says the Book Type of the burned disc is DVD-ROM. I have a Sony DRU810A burner.

Any ideas?

Likely that player just doesn’t like those kind of discs for some other reason. What kind of media are you using?

Some dvd players are DVD-R only. How old is the player?

There are a lot of players which cannot read DVD+R, older Panasonic players for example.

Also, some drives tell you the booktype is ROM even though actually not or the booktype is not ROM even though actually it is ROM.

I am using Sony DVD+Rs and the dvd player is a Sony DVP-S360. I’ll try some other media today.

The DVP-S360 should be compatible with + media although it’s an older player.

I have three players:
Two are playing dvd+R and -R well
the third (a samsung) play DVD-R ok and only the DVD+R that are burned with OHT Active. No matter what the other options are HT, OS… only if OHT is active that he will take DVD+R :confused:

sometines pretty strange :doh:

rgds, soso