hi all

i am still haveing trouble with my nec3520a i have updated firmware to 1.u9 my media are full face ritek g05 dvd-r 8x i have tryed a diferent dvd rom master / slave and opasite.when i try to copy on the fly ect dvd to dvd all i get is 4x and i cant under stand y.setting booktype wot do you set these at
DVD+R SL / DVD+R DL / DVD+RW on 1.u9 firmware.

woz :sad: :sad:

I’d never copy a dvd to dvd on the fly. You most likely aren’t getting the data off of the dvd reader fast enough to do any faster than a 4x burn. Try ripping the dvd to your hard drive 1st then burn it and see what speed you get.

what make of reader do you have


my reader is a benq 1650t x16 i have tryed a liteon x16 and if i copy to hard drive it starts with dvd decrip latest i set to 12x wright and it says 5 to 6 min and then it jumps to 25 to 30min and it takes about 15 to 20min.


i don’t think has any speed locks on it so it’s got me puzled try nero cd-dvd speed if you have got nero and try a transfer speed test and see how fast you’r reader can read