Booktype Utility error with my 1633S

When I put new (blank) Sony DVD+R media in my drive, Booktype135 correctly identifies it as DVD+R. The drop menu next to “change booktype to” is grayed out, and I can’t click it. In the bottom status bar, the cryptic message “F/W not support!” appears. I was hoping to change the booktype of the media to -ROM in hopes that my home DVD player would play my burned movies (i.e. recorded TV from Media Center or DVD backups). Note that I use both Media Center and Nero Express to burn. What’s the story with the booktype error?

By the way, I should note that my drive is identified as 0-0-0-0 E:LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1633S BGS4. It’s a Gateway 840GM. Could the OEM firmware have anything to do with it? If I should reflash the firmware, I’ll need instructions on doing that…never tried anything like that before. And could that have any negative implications for my system?

I really appreciate any replies.

Bump. Any ideas?

Quick thoughts not the expert here but it does sound like an oem(gateway) firmware issue.Liteon i believe does not support oem equipment.Not sure if this will help but kprobe in the tools section also has bitsetting under its tools option,you may want to try that it could be a quick fix.It won’t hurt to try…

Also while searching found out dvd decyrpter also has a bitsetting option. may want try that as well

Since there are no publicly available copies of the BGS4 firmware floating around, the first thing that you should do is make a backup of the BGS4 firmware using LtnFW (and it won’t hurt to e-mail us a copy ;)). This way, you will be able to undo what I’m about to suggest…

If you convert your drive to a real 1633S (using the BS0S firmware) (or if you feel adventurous, you could even bump it up to a 1653S; see the crossflashing guide if you want to do this), then the booktype feature should work.

Bitsetting is handled differently in OEM firmwares. In some (like HP), it’s always on and you can’t turn it off. In some (like Gateway), it’s not available.

Thanks for the reply. I’m going to reflash my drive to a “real” LiteOn using the windows utility you provided. I just have a couple questions. First, this won’t affect at all my ability to burn CD-RWs in the drive, correct? Second, where do I find the BS0S firmware? I found a database page, but it didn’t have a link for the BS0S.

the update won’t affect any writing abilities. it just improves them!

you can flash to BS0S, BYX4 or CS0P. i’m using BYX4(autobitsetting with omnipatcher.)


Jesus guys, I have the same computer 840GM Gateway with the exact same problematic issues… I can’t even burn a full dual layer disc without it fing up…