Booktype utility 1.3.5 on 401s@411s



I have had a 401s@411s running with FS0H for several months and using the 1.0.0 booktype utility for +R media. Everything works fine. I just set it to -ROM, and every +R burn I would do (until I would reboot) would have a -ROM booktype. I recently update to FS0K firmware and downloaded the 1.3.5 booktype utility and it seems to operate differently. First, I can set the booktype on the drive unless I have a blank DVD in the drive. If there is no media in the drive everything is greyed out. With 1.0.0 I could set it without a DVD in the drive. Also, after I set the type in 1.0.0, I could click “query” and it would tell me the current disc type and the current drive setting (so I could tell if the booktype setting change had worked). This new booktype utility doesn’t do this. It just tells the current disc type and the current disc booktype, not what the drive is set to. If I put a DVD+RW in and click “F/W not supported” when I click the “Write Now!” button. And I can’t select the “save setting”. Is this all normal?


maybe the drive isn’t supported in this new version…


It actually does not specify the supported drives.
Or am I missing something?