Booktype settings nec 3500 for RW


can i change the booksetting dvd-rom for rw ± firmware 2.F8.

i doesn’t find notes here.

please help.

Currently there is no NEC firmware can do bit setting for ± RW.

do you know at wich time it would realeased

The newer binflash versions allow you to set the booktype for SL+R, DL+R and +RW. However:

  1. Current firmwares for the 3500 do not support +RW bitsetting (at least, I’ve found not a single firmware which does). Not yet.
  2. Binflash bitsetting does not work on my 3500, regardless of the firmware (btw, DVDInfoPro bitsetting also doesn’t work).

If you want +RW bitsetting NOW, buy a LiteOn, but don’t complain about write quality. I had one and bitsetting on +RW works great! Specially because read speeds are limited for +RW (to a very low value, 2x or so) but not for -ROM!