Booktype setting



On an NEC 2510A how can I change the “Booktype” setting for a DVD+RW disc? Do I need new Firmware? and if so what Firmware should I look for?


May I ask WHY you posted this [B]2 times[/B] within 2 minutes apart :confused:


I made a mistake!


Don’t worry mistakes do happen.

Why would you want to book type DVD+RW media? I never do.

I doubt that the bitsetting firmware available will actually bitset +RW. I’m sure it didn’t with the modded firmware I used on my 2510.


My standalone DVD player will not play DVD+RW discs.


Then it probably won’t play them even if you can booktype them.


Have a look here:
the last version will allow DVD+RW bitsetting and it is also indicated for the 2510, but you’ll find all the details at the liggy and dee pages