Booktype setting?

:confused: OKā€¦I have searched and am still confusedā€¦If I change the booktype From DVD+RW to ROM (liteon claims its possible with the +RW after burning); Can I change it back to RW later?? All the discussions and articles say you can change 1 way but none mention changing it back. Why would you want to waste a RW disc?

a dvd+rw booktyped to dvd-rom is always still recognized as a dvd+rw at least by the drive that it was written on, so no need to worry about whether or not you can reuse a dvd+rw. potential problems arise when trying to use the dvd+rw in another dvd writer. the other drive may or may not recognize the disc as a dvd+rw.

Thanksā€¦I was considerably confused about such a simple thing.