Booktype setting with Samsung SH-183A (S-ATA)?

Hey guys, I just got me a new dvd-burner (Samsung SH-183A) and installed it, Nero (Reloaded) seems to work fine, but doesn’t support booktype setting on this drive? :sad: My old BenQ DW1620 is able to set the booktype!
And even worse: the Samsung only writes 4x, allthough I selected 8x from the drop-down menu and the media are 8x certified
I hoped to get rid of my problems with a firmware update, but the liveupdate tells me there is an update available, but won’t install. I guess I#ll try to return the drive to my dealer :o
Btw: winiquiry gives me the following:
Drive: TSSTcorpCD/DVDW SH-183ASB00
Version: SB00
OEM Code: 0

8x certified means not much for burning really.
If the burner doesn’t support it at that speeds, either because the firmware is older or the media were proven to be not worthy - you may try using MCSE or update the firmware or use other media.

You are right, but the drive itself reads 8x as possible burn speed, but only burns at 4x… Look at
where I described the solution to my problem…
In short: My 183A doesn’t like the VIA controller, but works almost fine on the Silicon Image