BookType setting with plextor PX-708A


JVC TH-A9R Home Cinema connected to the TV
DVD writer: Plextor PX-708A: latest firmware version (v1.04)installed
DVD media: Maxell

I read on the internet that my JVC doesn’t like to play copied DVD’s. I copied a few DVD’s and indeed non of them played in my JVC. I read that it should work if you set the Booktype to DVD-ROM. I saw the burndialog window of Nero on the internet were you could make this setting.
I installed the latest (i think) version of Nero (v6.3.0.2) but this option is not in the burningdialog window.
Is this because of my Plextor???

Does anyone have an answer for this problem? Does anyone have a Plextor and make this setting??

Thanks a lot!!

The Plextor cant do bitsetting and to my knowledge there wont be any official firmware release that will enable bitsetting, sorry.

Ok, problem solved then.

What DVD writer (brand and type) do you suggest?
I want a +/- writer, but it must be possibel to set the Booktype too DVD-ROM.

I heard LiteOn is good???

What do you suggest?

if u must have bitsetting, then the nec 1300a or one of the lite-on *11S drives are probably ur best choices.

Maybe the newest NEC ND-2500 will also support bitsetting, i guess its up to Herrie :wink: