Booktype setting using nero? or what?



How do I set the booktype for DVD-R discs in Nero?
Or should I use something else?

I have one DVD-ROM drive that cannot read DVD-R discs burned by my Pioneer DVR-109 drive.


you need to use the Buffalo 8.50 fw which means invalidating your warranty, the fw will auto booktype +R discs to DVD-ROM no apps are needed, do a search for crossflashing to buffalo fw, the standard Pioneer fw does not allow bitsetting no matter what apps are used


Bitsetting is only suitable for +R/RW media.
Probably the best idea is to update your burners firmware to 1.40 or 1.50, respective 8.50. There were problems with some prior firmwares and some -R media…


You can’t change the booktype on DVD-R media like you can on DVD+R.