Booktype Setting on NEC 3520A

Right…being a tech-head, I hate having to ask for help when there is so much readily available information, but I seem to be running into some trouble.

I have an NEC 3520A DVD +/-/DL RW drive, and it burns beautifully. I also have a slightly modified XBox with a Samsung SD 616T drive for better disc reading and speed. What I did not know when I purchased the 616 is that it apparently despises DVD+R discs. I found out shortly after purchasing a 30 pack. My obvious solution is to go out and buy DVD-Rs, and the 6 -R’s that I’ve burned have worked flawlessly. The only problem is that, being on a limited budget, I can’t just immediately go out and buy a spindle of -Rs and chunk the +Rs, so I’d like to get them working.

I know that I have to change the Booktype. To this end, I have downloaded and flashed Liggy & Dee’s (304bt_orig.exe). I still cannot change the Booktype.

I tried to change it with the utility included in Liggy & Dee’s 3.04 BT and got the following message: “This booktype operation is not supported with your firmware.”

I then tried DVDDecrypter’s Booktype setting utility, which tells me: “Current setting: Unknown (FAILED!)”

DVDBitSetter v2.1.13 gives me the same error it has always given: “Failed to change bitsettings. Either you have selected the wrong drive or you have a (<i>sic</i>) incompatible one (Sony drives).”

I’m going to try upgrading to Liggy & Dee’s 3.05 firmware (I just need to grab the appropriate utility), and I’ll report on any changes I experience.


I don’t know how or why, but upgrading to Liggy & Dee’s 3.05bt seems to have done it. The Booktype setting was successful, and I’m about to test-burn an XBox image. I won’t know for sure until my wife tests it on the XBox, since I’m still on the clock for the next 12-1/2 hours (I hate double shifts), but I think I’ve got it.

Kindly disregard my troubles.