Booktype Setting for Otiarc AD-7530A



I just bought a Gateway laptop and it came with an Optiarc AD-7530A DVD RW drive. I was wondering if anyone new where I can find a Booktype setting utility for this drive and where I could find firmware updates for it.



what firmware do you have ? mine is EX31. I did google for few hours when I got this drive; no luck. Although 7530A isn’t a good drive. Ritek, Verbatim 8x can only be burn @ 6x. Result also not satisfying. Old DVD player doesn’t recognize it. (another disc burn using pioneer 111 work fine)


I have EX32. But I cant find anything to back it up.


On my Gateway Laptop it Book type to DVD-ROM automatically.


Either return the laptop and buy the one with better known brand of DC/DVD writer or replace the drive at your own cost with good brand of drive.