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This is my first post and it is a really newbie question

I am new to DVD burning, and generally used DVD-R media. Recently I have purchased DVD+R media which I untend to use for burning movies. I have the ISOs saved on my HDD. I use LiteOn DVD burner. The software I use is ImgBurn by Lightning UK.

Now, could someone please help me with Booktype setting? What I need to know is whether I need to change the Booktype while burning these discs. I shall be playing these DVDs in my Standalone PHILIPS 625K DVD player. According to the Player’s manual it is capable of playing DVD+R and DVD+RW.

So do I still need to change the Booktype and if yes to what?

Please help.

Thank you.


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If your player reads the +R media you do not have to make any changes to ImgBurn :bigsmile:

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Thanks Tim

But won’t the changing will increase the chances of compatibility, that is reduce chances of non compatibility as I have read somewhere that even though the DVD player claims to play +R, it sometimes can not.


As a result of bitsetting the disc will be seen by the player as a DVD-Rom (or DVD-video), thus making possible for a non DVD+R player to read the disc.
This was much more important a couple of years ago. Modern players will handle the discs, if they are DVD+R compatible.
At the end, it will be up to you to decide if you see as an advantage to be prepared to play the disc using a non DVD+R compatible DVD player, as there are no disavantages if you change the booktype.


Thank you agomes :slight_smile:


The one and only negative of bitsetting that I have heard of is that bitsetting a +RW disc can make it difficult to erase or rewrite to in some cases. Unless someone can think of a negative for +R, I would think it to be a no-brainer for write-once media.


The issue was just about DVD+R, so my opinions were not meant for +RW.
In principle, a full reformat should put things back and allow the disc to be re-used, providing you unmark the bitsetting option.


Thank you everyone for your inputs :slight_smile:


Don’t forget that with Liteon drives the DVD+R -> DVD-ROM bitsetting can be set as a permanent setting with either the Liteon utilities or Nero’s CD-DVD Speed.

I’d prefer this way & in apps that can set booktype like ImgBurn I’d use current recorder setting (or similar wording).

Then when I use another app I don’t have to worry about it.


Thank you very much Tim.

BTW, I would like to share that I burnt a video in the DVD +R and it played without any problem in my DVD player. :slight_smile: