Booktype-rom player reads +R?

I have my burners set to change my +R disks to dvd-rom (booktype) which it does.
After burning a movie
I check the disk in cd-speed and it shows the booktype as a dvd-rom.
So I thought that would make the player hooked up to my TV read it as a dvd-rom disk and not a +R disk.
I have a Magnavox player/recoder for the TV,…when I load a movie that I have bitset to dvd-rom the info screen as the movie is loading shows +R disk not dvd-rom.
I’m confused about this,…so why bother to set the booktype if the players are picking up the +R disk info.
any answers will be appreciated.
thank you
the maddog

Setting the book-type to DVD-ROM does not change the disc type. However it should still improve compatibility of the disc in some recorders/players.

Yup, it is impossible to change the mediatype.

OK, thanks for the replies.

You must go back to the store and ask them, if not ring the manufactures support number, when buying computers, DVD players and other electronics wizardry these days you must add punch to your consumer strength by buying an extra 2 years warrantee to get that free 3 year over the phone support from the manufacture then your in business because warrantee equal relief for the consumer and time and headache.

@HITECHNO: Sorry, but your post is misleading, The OP’s original question has been adequately answered.

Simply advising people to buy a 2-year warranty for this sort of problem is a very foolish piece of advice.