Booktype question

hello guys,
i’ve set these settings to my nec using Binflash
dvd-rom (active)

dvd-rom (active)

i know this is the best thing for backing up movies, but will it affect Data disks i burn ? should i set a different booktype if i want to burn a data disk , or there is no problems if i keep it as above?

Thanks :slight_smile:

there’s no disadvantage using bittsetting…so yea…it’s all kool

ok thanks, any more comments?

Setting it to -ROM only increases compatability of the disc with DVD players. There’s now harm in it.


If your stand alone DVD player has no problem playing your burned DVD+R (S/L or D/L) then no use to bother with booktype, other wise if there is an issue with your or you plan to play your DVD+R (burned) in other player then booktype setting become handy.