Booktype on dvr-111d


I know you all say that dvr-111d sets dvd-r dl burns automatically to dvd-rom, but mine does not. I burn a image with clone cd its a dual layer image with layer break. When i check out the media after its burned with dvdinfopro it says booktype dvd-r. Is there anything i can do? it needs to be dvd-rom booktype for my player to play the dvd.

No, you cannot change the booktype of -R, -RW, DL-R media even with alternative FW. The stock FW changes only the booktype of DL+R to DVD-ROM.

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If you must have DL media booktyped to DVD-ROM then you must use +R DL media & only Verbatim is recommended.

errrrrr is it possible i have gone out and done a noob error of buyng dvd-r dl instead of dvd+r dl …erhm let me think…uhm yeah! Big fat slap to self :doh: so i guess that is my problem…

DVD-R DL “booktype” will remain “DVD-R” because it is hardcoded into the media.