Booktype in SOHW 832s

will there be a possibility to booktype dvd+r/+rw/+r9
in sohw832?

is booktype domain of Lite on corp?

is 832 worth buying?(burning quality and so…) is it competence to nec 2500a or nec 2510a ?

Yes, the 832S can set the booktype of all +R/+RW/DL discs. This has been tested and confirmed to work.

The 832S, I think, is a fairly good drive; it’s DL-writing is on par with the NEC (if not better). It’s single-layer abilities are not as good, but it’s faster, and if you use good media, it does about as well as the NEC. And it’s CD-writing abilities are top-notch, of course.