Booktype Imgburn SH-S223F




I am using Imgburn and trying to set bookype with SH-S223F and I get success message but when I go back to this menu again and choose DL, the settings are unknown, that wasn’t the case with my older drive ?

According to Opti Drive control, DVD-ROM writing is not (YES) or (NO) , but that’s the same status in my older burner which used to booktype and show settings as DVD-ROM after restart also.

I tried burning… and Imgburn said: booktype set as DVDROM so it works I guess, you need to set it up each time to make sure it doesn’t reset with turn off.

One site said that it sets DVD-ROM for all media not each type alone, so I guess you need to set it up each you want to burn anything.

Good luck Samsungers


Hi and Welcome!

TSST drives don’t report back the bitsetting status to the application. Nothing to be worried about as long as you use Nerö or ImgBurn :wink:

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Hi thanks for the info,

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