Booktype DVD-ROM for DVD-R media

Hey all,

I bought the NEC 3540 about a month ago and yesterday I burnt my first
DVD movie (only used it for storage till now…).

I used NeroVision Express and did it all with the wizard, when I got to the
part about burning he asked me what booktype do I want.
I entered DVD-ROM and burnt the media with very good results.

The funny thing is that this was a DVD-R media and I remembered I read in
the NEC FAQ that you cant do that…

Can the NEC 3540 do that?

Is this a new feature or a mistake?
Because if it can you should update the FAQ.

You can only set the booktype with +R, +R DL and +RW media. So, contrary to what Nero would like you to believe, it will still be recognized as DVD-R media.

isn’t there a “trick” where it puts a second volume (probably not the right term) on the dvd and that one has DVD-ROM set… in theory the player should check the last volume on the disc and use those attributes, but if it does actually read the info straight from the lead-in (probably not the right word either) than you are screwed since that is read-only on a DVD-R disc… from what I had read, the bottom line seemed to be that setting DVD-ROM on a DVD-R disc could buy you extra compatibility on some players but nothing was guaranteed… is that true?

The best way to find out is check in diskinfo in Nero and it would tell you the booktype. I also noticed that in Nero cd-speed if you go to extra then bitsetting there’s an option for DVD-r try it out. You could also try dvd info or dvd identifier.

Please update I would like to see if this is possible

2JZfan: Yes, there is, and BTC and NuTech have used such a hack for quite some time :slight_smile:

no need to update the faq as this is already coverd clicky

This is an expample of a disc written in a Pioneer 104 some time back where a -R disc shows the booktype as DVD-ROM. It was written with PrimoDVD from an original single layer DVD image. I can’t remember what I used to rip the disc but it was probably PrimoDVD as well.

Any comments on this?

Disable Hide-CD-R in your CloneCD/DVD or Alcohol installation?