Booktype & DRE's



I’ve got a Lite-on and an LG dvd writer and I’m using DVD+R media to burn off some images. Although I’ve successfully set the booktype to be DVD-ROM in both ImgBurn and Nero, when I check the media after burning the image, the disk info still shows it as DVD+R. Is that normal, or should it be identifying it as DVD-ROM. What tool can I use to double-check?

Whilst on the subject of tools, what’s the best tool to check for DRE’s once you’ve burned a disc?

Thanks for any help.


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CDSpeed is good for checking the booktype; while Liteon drives have trouble reporting what they are set for, they usually do what they are set for. The Liteon will set to ROM and will keep the setting if you use the Liteon tool (check the Liteon forum). LG drives need to be reset every time you burn.

BTW, what do you mean by DRE, the only DRE I am aware of is here


I don’t know what it is either :o :bigsmile:


Thanks :).

I’ll check the tool out. DRE = disc read errors ;).


OK, I’ve downloaded CDSpeed and put the media in that I’d ‘supposedly’ set to DVD-ROM. However it picks up the media as ‘DVD+R’ and the Booktype as ‘DVD+R’.

Based on that information, am I to assume it’s not actually burning the discs as DVD-ROM? I’ve tried ImgBurn and Nero and followed the instructions to set the book type and it says ‘Success’ when doing so. But surely it can’t be?


insert the disk in your drive and open imgburn…at the top right it will tell you what the disk originally was, then scroll down and it will tell you how it was burned, under last recorded


Thanks beachbumm. That’s what I’ve been using already, but it says +R for both, yet I’ve tried multiple times changing the booktype by right-cilcking the destination drive and it still comes out as +R.


when using imgburn and you change the booktype and click change a box should come up saying success.


Use the Liteon tool in the Liteon tool forum and then check the type after the burn with CDSpeed.